T. Sacred Walker

SacredReads for the Following Characters in the Alternative Realities Staged Reading:

Sappho’s Last Supper – Dramatic Artist
Prints – Maria
Saturnistas – Diane

T. Sacred Walker is multi-faceted professionally as a therapeutic dramatist and personally as an eco-artivist. She is the consulting holistic mental health practitioner and founder of the “Kuumba Holistic Healing Project,” (KHHP). She has a masters’ of divinity degree with specializations in interfaith holistic psychology and chaplaincy, alongside receiving additional training in therapeutic drama. KHHP’s motto is to foster the soul care in health care. What sets Walker apart is that she merges therapeutic drama, interfaith tools, and culturally affirming techniques to support individual and group holistic mental health counseling and program development. More information about KHHP can be found at: kuumbaproject.blogspot.com. Please contact her at: kuumbaproject@gmail.com to be added to the KHHP mailing list, for workshops and health tips in 2014!

Creatively- playwriting, acting, and dance speak to and tantalize her spirit. Walker was trained as a performance artist thru the CUNY Baccalaureate Program in 2006. Since, Walker has been in various theater companies and artist residencies including the Living Arts Playback Theater Company, Hemispheric Institute- Emerge NYC, and Second Stage Theater. She has also written and performed various self-revelatory pieces inc. Sankofa Mizizi, Divine Eros Unravels: A Choreo-poem, Re-Imagining Thunder perfect mind: Four Women, etc. Walker agrees with Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho: “Everybody has a creative potential and from the moment you can express this creative potential, you can start changing the world.

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