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What I’ve learned so far, beyond the reaches of tangible reality, is that Spirit guides me at every single juncture.

The best ways to rummage through the throws of Saturn, whether it be an untimely death, a harsh break-up, a battle with money or unemployment, our primary tool, granted to us by our ancestors, is our path.

Following your path is as simple as stopping to feel the wind.  The slight pressure* that is tugging you towards good feeling, that is Spirit, guiding you along your path.

*Hint -if the direction you are going stresses you out, makes you unsure, or results in internal sickness, you probably went the wrong way, are not on your path, and have lost connection with Spirit.

Allow me to interview you, so that we can talk about how your Saturn and your Spirit dance in the wind.

Share your experiences with the rest of us.  We can’t wait to hear your story.  A call for respondents has gone out, so although I will still respond to people in 48 hours, interview dates will not be confirmed until March 1st.  Thank you for submitting your inquiry.
Complete the form below to schedule an interview, and I will be in touch within 48 hours.


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