Zahra Patterson’s “Sappho’s Last Supper”



Zahra Patterson is a writer and educator from Brooklyn, NY. Her work has been published in Kalyani Magazine and her blog is She has shared her work at The New School, 826NYC, Rivers of Honey, FiveMyles Gallery and Bluestockings Bookstore. She has a BA in English from SUNY Albany and is the founder of Raw Fiction, a youth literary arts project. For more information please visit

Synopsis of Sappho’s Last Supper by Zahra Patterson:

In an alternate universe, where walled ghettos contain subversive populations, one lesbian of color creates a competition to bring a second lesbian artist of color from the ghetto to the world of the rich and famous. The competition lasts a decade and the play opens on the final night. The last test for the competitors is a live theater dinner party. Which artist will become rich and famous and who will return to the ghetto? The plot thickens when two activists from our reality find themselves on a mission to provoke a revolution in this universe. The dinner party gets underway but is disrupted by a bomb blast before the winner is declared. Outside, the walls of the ghetto have come down and the police are slaughtering the community. What will the contestants do, escape to the world of rich and famous or stay to fight for their community?

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