HSR Excerpts

Below you will find excerpts from the collection of Poetry and Prose by eight queer women of color.  The co-authors are from all different parts of the world, walk with a large range of experiences, but have that single thing in common, are all penetrating their Saturn Return.

The collection is split into three categories: Sex, Death, and Other People’s Money.  These are primary challenges and life obstacles for a person experiencing her Saturn in Scorpio.  Although co-authors have Saturns in different places, Scorpio was chosen because of its grit, darkness, and alluringly sexual tendencies.  Scorpio is queer in its focus on transformation.

Enjoy a sneak peak at each of their talents.  Look for their interviews.  Stare at their faces.  Find their web sites and blogs.  Fall in love with them, as I have.


  • Film (excerpt)


  • velva
  • at best I am an actor playing the part of dreamer

Other People’s Money

  • Lamentations 2

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