Her Saturn Returns

Image by Jasmine Cruz

Her Saturn Returns

is a blog, zine, and oral history project which explores the rupture of self-realization in the transition to our 30th year through poetry, the written word, our stories, our narratives.

Her Saturn Returns

has a personal mission of integrating
who we were,
who we are, and
who we strive to be.

Her Saturn Returns Blog
is a blog, by Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz, lesbian librarian, for the purpose of interviewing queer women of color on their process of turning 30.  Shawn(ta)’s Saturn returns in Scorpio, so she sees her current Saturn world through “Sex, Death, and Other People’s Money.”

*New* Her Saturn Returns Zine
was once a book project, had considerations of becoming an online journal, and now, has decided to become a ZINE! The Zine series includes three tracks:

  1. HSR. Poetry and art by queer women of color on turning 30 or are experiencing their Saturn’s return.  This collection tells stories, reveals their passions, and cries a little.
  2. Meditations on a Lesbian Separatist. This collection questions concepts of community from a queer woman of color perspective.
  3. Between Her. Polyamory and other considerations of queer women of color love.

Her Saturn Returns Oral History
talks to women who have experienced their Saturn. Many of the interviews are verbatim, transcribed, and sometimes, via modes like gchat or skype. Queer women of color from all over the world have conducted HSR interviews. Full transcripts may be found at the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Brooklyn, NY, or by contacting Shawn.

Her Saturn Returns
seeks your stories.  Sign up for an interview!

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  3. Aameer says:

    As promised I have peeped your site and, like you predicted, I did chuckle. Thank you for the conversation and for putting me onto your work. Looking for to seeing you at the Moon!


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