Losing Yourself

Here’s to the women entering their Saturn. The women who have found that there is a tunnel, and that they are in it. The women immersed. To the women who have only just begun.

Yesterday, I received an email from Chiedza. It has been three years since I interviewed her, and after we met in person, while I was in Toronto, visiting a lover, swirling inside of the tunnel of my own Saturn. Then, Chiedza was barely old enough to consider the implications of Saturn, but was such a talented and burgeoning  artist, that I had to give her an interview. Now, her words are unsurprising.

I have fallen apart, consistently/repetitively. I am toying with moving to London. I am entering my 27th year which is early by some astrologers but all of it lines up to Saturn Return. My return is in Sagittarius. Everything I thought I believed, has shifted. The bottom has fallen out of most things and I am just in awe of life. Work is amazing however. Everything seems to be requiring me to do differently. Do different.

ChiedzaP by Golish

Chiedza Pasipanodya by Golish

Now that she is entering the ripe age of 27, I was so happy to fall upon her journey, knowing it will be a tumultuous one.

London seems like the most logical place for me to start for a while. I’ll be there by Jan 2015. I cant explain it but I feel like a different person. That my experiences are changing me and there is no going back so I now relearning me. Who am I REALLY? Its alot. And has required so much change. Surrender is the mantra I guess.

I asked Chiedza if I could quote her.

I would be honoured if you quoted me.

And so I have.

Here’s to the women who are currently entering the space of transition, where the whirlwind of the planets will take their hearts and everything they have ever “known” into a new form of knowing. Let’s put our Saturnista energies together for Chiedza, imploring her to embrace spirit.


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3 Responses to Losing Yourself

  1. Tara G says:

    Hello. I had ran across this article when I had found out about the author just now through a picture and had to research who she is. I have and am going through my Saturn Return (in Scorpio); I will be age 30 on October 30. I know exactly what this woman is describing! I feel the changes (since a year and a half ago) and they are continuing; the changes involve me letting go of practically everything in my life to start fresh. It is exciting but rough, however it is growth. Thank you for writing. 🙂

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