Sound-Voices-Words -Seeking Transcriber(s)

Hello Saturnistas,

I’ve been excitedly plowing through submissions to the anthology, and transcribing the audio of women from around the country who have participated in Spirit Interviews.  But now, their voices surround me, and I need to get them onto paper (faster) to complete the editing process.


Do you know anyone who has an amazing ear, a fast hand at typing, and a knack for deadlines? Likely she is unemployed, seeking fast cash, and has loads of time to sit in cafe’s and bring her own tea bags?  Please send this queer woman of color my way!

Below is the announcement:

Seeking queer women of color to transcribe 40-50 hours of personal interviews by self-identified queer women of color on their life transitions.  Transcriptions must be completed by Jan 15 2013.  Payment will be $17.5 per transcribed hour.  Please note, standard time for transcription is 4-5 hours per every hour transcribed.  No experience necessary. Accuracy and confidentiality is key.

All proposals will be considered. If interested, please email me at State why you are interested, how you identify, then I will send a sample audioclip for you to transcribe.  You will have two days to return the transcription (everyone receives the same clip, so don’t worry!).

Thank you, and I will take questions as well.

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