Time Travel

From the mountains of Afghanistan, grows a gem called Lapis Lazuli, a piece of rock that forms the color blue, and has been known to provide the healing benefits of love, through the power of discernment.  Any source will tell you that the two planets of the Lapis Lazuli are Venus, and of course, Saturn.  It has the energies of love, protection, power, and healing.  This gem is embedded somewhere in the earth where I am connected.

Wednesday, I was summonsed for Jury Duty.  On Court Street, I was successful in completing tasks that I had put off for months.  In a single afternoon, a strange force pulled me toward my own center.  Finally, after months of contemplation, I went home with a Business Certificate for my sole-proprietorship of a small press for which Her Saturn Returns will be printed.  This task took so little energy, yet, the time of contemplation and arrangement was immeasurable.  Having found a new center through journey –passage –travel –place, I realize “time” is symptomatic to this formula.  This week, I found myself open with a new rawness.  I entered that opening by first listening to then following a once dormant call.  This led me to a few stores, on a search, for a type of gem, mineral, stone.

Lapis Lazuli

I walked into Jewelry stores.  Anyone can tell you, I detest Jewelry, unless of course, it is sold by a brown-skinned craftswoman, at an outdoor table, hung upright by hooks, and has colors of green, the texture of leather, the pressure to sell, the rust of age that it has been waiting for me to swing by and find it a new home in my ears.  Jewelry of the usual sort, behind a counter at Macys or Zales, inside a glass display, covered in gold and diamonds, this is not jewelry to me.  Yet and still, I entered these spaces, for the first time, and found a great disappointment hovering over my shoulders, and the need to continue a search.

Have you ever sought for something, not knowing what was there for you to find, but adamant to continue the search, peruse, sift, scrutinize your surroundings, until appeased?  This was my charge, since Wednesday.  And then today, en route to work after a half-day of Jury Duty, an unsolved case in my periphery, I walked along 34th street and Madison to return two DVDs to NYPL.  To my right, a store that I have passed on a daily basis for almost a decade, Astro Gallery of Gems winked at me to enter.

Its sliding doors enveloped my curiosity.  Crisp air was purified by the rainy day outside, filtered by the many stones and minerals, gems and crystals that lined the walls.  Immediately, I placed my dripping umbrella to the floor at my right, and entered in small steps, at ease of a burning that I had never known until I reached the far back of the room.

“If there is something that you would like help with, please let me know,” the saleswoman said in my direction, as I was the only customer in the store.

“Yes,” I responded.  “I’d like a gem, matte, dark in color, just a stud, small like a pearl, do you have that?” Where the description came from, I didn’t know.  But I knew clearly what I was looking for, without ever having seen it.

“I’m sorry, the only studs that we have are onyx, diamonds, sapphire…” None of the studs that she showed me were matte, dull in luster.  I needed it to scratch, at the throat in dullness.  As she was preparing for me to leave, I turned around and pointed.

“There, what about there?” My finger was already on the glass aimed at two small blue balls.  There sat the lapis lazuli, dull yet luminescent, as if nothing else in the room existed; they held my eyes.

“Oh, that, well, that is my last pair…” she was impressed by my ability to find without looking, what she knew had been there all along.  She keyed the case.  “This is a Lapis Lazuli. It is gemstone, known to have a healing power that is good for relationships, friendships and truth, in being able to discern emotion, to make choices, to know ones feelings, to embrace authenticity…”
I held my hand up for her to say no more.

“I know.” I said.  “I’ll take it.”

And so, in the power of this stone, this miniature lazurite mineral, I have already tested my ability to listen, to discern, to follow a path, and respond to the “go left”, “turn around”, “not there”, “wait”, “go”, “move faster”, “now”, “slow down”, “soon”, that I realize is my ancestors guidance, my own voice, constantly showing me the way.

In the context of journey – passage –travel –place , could we not acknowledge “time”?



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