Journey – Passage – Travel – Place

ImageThanks for requesting to be on the queer housing listserv.
Can you supply me with any additional information about your self?
We are a listserv for queer women of color and our allies.
Do you identify as a queer woman of color?  If no, how do you identify?
Are you an ally to queer women or color?
Who recommended you to the listserv? How did you find us?
Are you offering or seeking housing?
Thanks for supplying additional information.

This is the mantra that I send to folks who place their email addresses down to receive posting information about what I consider to be the housing crisis of the new millennium (at least here in NYC).  It’s that queer women of color are having hard times with housing.

For me this is a personal issue, as it connects to the very basic necessities of who we are.
We sleep in our homes.
We fuck in our homes
We wash in our homes.
We eat in our homes.
We wake and rejuvenate, and come to find our inner peace in our homes.

And yet, as queer women of color, we do these things in a particular way.   We ought not have on-lookers in our periphery as we choose to live our lives.  Instead, we ought to have love and commonality, or abundance and space for private moments, or community.  Long-lasting community.

I’ve created the housing listserv, Queer Housing Nacional because a lot of my life, as I approach 30 and become ever-more reflective, is centered around my being a queer woman of color -this search for community, self-definition and acceptance, understanding sex, and finding a girlfriend (always finding a girlfriend).  But in the small ant-version of what these processes looked like, they actually translated into movement of housing.

Larger than housing, that I find as a theme for all Saturnistas are location, travel, place.  Since starting Queer Housing Nacional, I’ve traveled to, lived in, house-sat, and found lovers in Toronto, Pittsburgh, California, Philadelphia, Jersey City, Kansas City, Michigan, Jamaica, and most recently, this year, Singapore, and Bali.  These trips have become journeys, passages into alternate universes.  I find that they are roads to myself.  I’d like to incorporate Journey – Passage – Travel – Place as an essential trait toward understanding and living the Saturn Return.

Journey with me?


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