Prospects of Love

Circa Early 1900s Archival Photo - Young couple seated in garden from the Powerhouse Museum Collection

This weekend, I kissed many women to keep the doors of the Lesbian Herstory Archives open!  Other than sitting in the kissing booth, I moderated the dating game, and lost all of my raffle tickets.

What I won was priceless.
Once I returned home that night, I felt renewed with the prospects of love.  It’s true that it is in the air.  Perhaps it was the women whose lives fill the walls of the Archives, embracing that lesbian herstory lives on through us, Adrienne Rich’s legacy cheering us all on to take brave steps forward.  Was it Mabel Hampton’s large poster that hung to cover the books, her smile of appreciation, or the large Radclyffe Hall black and white wall-size board, her eyes staring with a smirk very close to the kissing booth?  Or perhaps it was friends, old and new, who surprised me with their presence that night, and we had real time, to have a glass of wine together, laugh at our foibles, our friendship consummated by this collective experience of red and black folly.  It may have also been the safety of a truly multi-generational and interracial lesbian experience.  Where the black girls didn’t necessarily band together on one side of the wall (although, that did happen too, as it is natural for us sometimes to do), but at LHA, a kiss from a white girls lips, whose cursive script shiny chain that reads “fat” sits atop a voluptuous bosom, as plump as the red velvet cupcakes, this kiss will do!

Oh, the women, the women, the women.

Women are so wonderful when we are in laughter, safe and together.

What will you do for Valentines Day?
She is approaching… do you feel the love like I do?


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