Navigating Neptune

I know that this site is focused on Saturn, however, I received exciting news that as of February 3, 2012, Neptune will travel through Pisces and stay there until January 2026.


This is a huge and fortunate shift for us all, since although it was in Pisces in April of 2011, it slipped into Aquarius in August of 2011.

What happened to me in August 2011?
I mysteriously ended up in Pasco Washington, on a roadtrip with a white man, who was lovely, but still, I did have many moments of displacement.  And then, of course, there was the Rivers of Honey being transphobic fiasco (I mean, really people, we have so much more to do than to belabor the trans-movement).

The reverberations are still there, months later, but I am feeling the shift fall back into Pisces.

Oh, what am I talking about exactly?
According to Sydney Omar’s Astrology Guide of 2012, found at my local library, Neptune symbolizes our higher ideals, escapism, fiction, spirituality, and our blind spots.

For Capricorn (which is me), Neptune’s transit through Pisces means my intuition will deepen and my spiritual beliefs will be integrated more readily into my daily life. This is good news as this stability will mean tangible consistent spiritual growth.

Check out what Neptune in Pisces means for your sun sign!
Starting Feb 3rd, it will be there for the next 14 years.  I think this could be good for us all, especially now, in offsetting the mastery of Saturn.

Oh, and a special shout out to the awesome 28-year-old sister from Toronto who came to the Archives today after reading my last post.  Her first words were, “Hey, nice to meet you!  I’m 28, and I’m going through my Saturn… we have to talk!”  Her entrance was perfectly speckled with a group of beautiful black women from AALUSC who came to visit the words of Black women writers.  Imagine, a table filled with the writings of Audre Lorde, Pat Parker, S. Diane Bogus, Cheryl Clarke, Cheryl Boyce Taylor, Lorraine Hansberry! Or, a table with collections from Azalea, the first periodical of Third World Lesbians, the Jemima Collective, a collective of black lesbian writers in the 1970s, and Ache, the first journal of black lesbian writers, to name a few.  We had hummus, grapefruit, tea, crackers, laughter, and the warmth and courage of our stories.

The words were recited in homage.  What magic, what magic, what magic indeed!

Afterward, I went to my writing group.  My free write was about “Provisional Love”, and I had just the story to write.

And so begins the journey this year.


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