Spirit Interview 13 -Jasmine Rae Powers

Jasmine Rae Powers

For the first time, I used facebook for good.  Jasmine Powers came across my website from an interview on Elixher.com.  After Jasmine and I exchanged a few emails, we decided to chat via facebook, and so, to maintain the essence of archival provenance, I’d like to keep the time code, and chat line breaks visible.

After our interview, Jasmine and I have become friends.  We live in very different parts of the country, yet, we talk every day, whether virtually or over the phone, once even on skype.  Together, we’ve gotten through the tumultuous holidays, and I intend to meet her in person when she actually decides to make yet another big move across the country.  She is a healer in so many ways, and I do indeed, feel bonded to her in spirit.  We’ve become so close, that my birthday present to myself, is completing the edit and upload of her interview.  Happy birthday to me, by sharing her story with you.  Say hello to the powerful and most spiritually intentional Jasmine Powers.

Age: 27 years
Birthday: Feb 24 1984
Sun Sign: Pisces
Saturn: Scorpio

HSR: 12:04am
Hey Jasmine, it’s Shawn, from HSR. Are you still up? It’s midnight for me. I’m sitting beside a bottle of wine, and my lap top is open to you. If you are here, so am I!

Jasmine: 12:12am
I am here. I could use a bottle of wine!

HSR: 12:12am
How are you?

Jasmine: 12:12am
A tough night, but I am moving through it
How are you?

HSR: 12:13am
Do you feel like you are ready to do an interview… does this feel good to you?

Jasmine: 12:13am
yes yes

HSR: 12:13am
good good
I’m doing well
I’m ending a conversation with my sister… give me five minutes

Jasmine: 12:14am
okay, take your time.

HSR: 12:14am
ok, brb

HSR: 12:22am
ok, I’m back

Jasmine: 12:22am
I am here

HSR: 12:22am
so, first I have to ask,
what led you to stumble upon the site?

Jasmine: 12:24am
I believe I stumbled across it from Elixher.com

HSR: 12:24am
Oh, yes!
So, you read the interview then.

Jasmine: 12:24am
Yes Yes
I was curious about you and your site, so I begin to search

HSR: 12:24am
Wow, well, I’m glad you found me!
So, tell me, I know you are a Pisces.
Do you know much about your Saturn in Scorpio?
I can email you a photo copy of the insert of the chapter

Jasmine: 12:26am
A little bit, I really just started getting into reading about what my Saturn return really means
I would love that

HSR: 12:26am
Ok, I’m searching for it in my email while we chat
a little copyright infringement…

Jasmine: 12:26am

HSR: 12:26am
I photocopied a piece of the chapter
from Surviving Your saturn return
the book that got it all started
but until you read it
tell me, how has life been for you since you turned 27? Have you noticed any shifts?

Jasmine: 12:27am
Yes indeed!
When I turned 27, I realized that I had not been showing as my true, authentic self.
I realized that the career that I had been “chasing” was no longer fulfilling
There was something missing for me.

HSR: 12:29am
What career was that?

Jasmine: 12:29am
Currently I work in Renewable Energy as an Occupational Health and Safety Manager
I help build Wind Farms

HSR: 12:30am
Wow, that sounds exciting, exotic, fulfilling!
Is that where you found something was missing?

Jasmine: 12:31am
Yes, and in my personal life as well

HSR: 12:31am
Or is that where you found your next step?
ahh, so you are not being fulfilled in this current career path?

Jasmine: 12:31am

HSR: 12:31am
Hmm, what do you think is missing?

Jasmine: 12:31am
The connection with real people
It is a very corporate, and very money driven

HSR: 12:32am
So, are you stuck in a lab most of the time then?
Ahh, interesting

Jasmine: 12:32am
Actually no, I travel alot

HSR: 12:32am
Are you still there?

Jasmine: 12:32am
I work alot, so I am often very burnt out and too tired to do anything

HSR: 12:33am
What is it that you would like to be doing?

Jasmine: 12:33am
I am still there
I would like to support others on their path
Not exactly sure what title

HSR: 12:33am
What does that look like to you
It is a noble calling, I must say.
I’m a librarian, and I find that that is part of what I love about my positions, the ability to connect with and respond to people’s immediate needs

Jasmine: 12:34am
It looks like me spending time with people coaching them.

HSR: 12:34am
they come to me knowing what they want

Jasmine: 12:34am
Writing motivational tools for people

HSR: 12:34am
Have you considered being a librarian… far from where you are, I know!

Jasmine: 12:35am
Actually no, I have not

HSR: 12:35am
Writing; do you consider yourself a writer as well?

Jasmine: 12:35am
Actually I don’t, at least not right now.

HSR: 12:35am
Well, you have a lot of redefining it seems.

Jasmine: 12:35am
I am somewhat intimidated by writing, because of what it often reveals

HSR: 12:36am
Interesting… Are you originally from Colorado?

Jasmine: 12:36am
No, I am from Detroit
I moved here almost three years ago

HSR: 12:36am
And more importantly, if you want to help people from their paths, then, it seems you would have to reveal some of your own experience, journey, and path, no?

Jasmine: 12:37am
Yes, That is the place that I am now. Opening up and showing all of me, including my experiences.

HSR: 12:38am
Okay, so, now I’m listening… Tell me your experiences. You say you had issues with your personal life

Jasmine: 12:38am
For many years I have been very insecure. I ran from myself…My true self
I buried a lot of pain
Somewhere along the way, I lost my voice
I lived for other people
I never stood up for myself
it was always about everyone else’s advice
There were so many things unsaid
I lost my sense of self and started to really not like myself as I was
I was always trying to change to fit into what I though others wanted me to be
I battled with my feminine and masculine

HSR: 12:41am
Some of this seems hard to believe, because just from your photos, and the power and conviction and intention that you hold and command through your words. You seem so beautiful. And I mean that from a non-textual perspective, from your own self-projections as they existed in our small interactions

Jasmine: 12:41am
I dated women that were very destructive to my path
I never resolved the pain of losing my mother and grandmother at young age

HSR: 12:42am
Tell me a story, one example of how you realized you were dating someone who was self-destructive.
You should read my blog Need. Need. Want. Fail
sounds similar
I’m going to also ask you about your familial ties… and the masculine/feminine war

Jasmine: 12:43am
Well one person in particular, I fell in “Love” with her.

HSR: 12:43am
uh huh

Jasmine: 12:43am
She was fresh out of a relationship and was still had ties with her ex

HSR: 12:43am
of course

Jasmine: 12:43am
Her ex was still living with her

HSR: 12:44am
haha, sounds like NYC

Jasmine: 12:44am
she would assure me that the ex was leaving and for a short time she did
We had our “fairy tale”
but when her mom passed away, her ex showed up again.
next thing you know, I find out they are getting married

HSR: 12:45am
so, she essentially said that you weren’t enough

Jasmine: 12:45am
I put aside work and school to be around her all day to make sure the ex was not around

HSR: 12:45am
how old were you when that happened?
Ah, so you became obsessive
There goes a self-destructive characteristic.

Jasmine: 12:45am
I was about 24
yes, very obsessive

HSR: 12:45am
and how long were you two together?
or, rather, how old were you when it finally ended?

Jasmine: 12:46am
about 25,

HSR: 12:46am
Ok, so it wasn’t something that took too long to past through your system
And what about most recently
You mentioned that you were just getting over something
did it also coincide with your obsessive tendencies?

Jasmine: 12:47am
Not this time.

HSR: 12:47am
that’s good
what was different in this recent scenario?

Jasmine: 12:47am
But it did put me in space of “not being enough”

HSR: 12:48am
I’m curious

Jasmine: 12:48am
Well we dived into a relationship
We thought we knew other, because we had known each other for years, but we really did not know each other as partners

HSR: 12:49am
with your job/career not being enough, and your relationships telling you that you are also not enough… how do you see this pattern as something you can control? Or something you can detect?

Jasmine: 12:50am
Yes, I totally see the pattern. This is part of the pain that I have experienced.
Well that I am experiencing

HSR: 12:50am
I’m curious
was it your maternal grandmother that you lost at an early age?

Jasmine: 12:50am
My paternal, we were very close
She helped raised me

HSR: 12:51am
And do you talk to either of them? Your mother or your paternal grandmother, now that they have transitioned?
Do you still feel connected to them, their spirits?

Jasmine: 12:51am
Yes I do

HSR: 12:51am
Can you tell me a little about that?
How has this connection has served you?

Jasmine: 12:51am
My grandmother yes, My mother no
Well I lost my mother when I was 14 and my grandmother when I was 15.

HSR: 12:52am
How do you communicate now?

Jasmine: 12:53am
Now, I usually go into a deep meditation when it comes to my mother. I usually do not feel her, almost like she hides from me.
With my grandmother, she is always around.
When I feel strong, I know she is supporting me.
I have written letters to both of them in the past was well.
I often talk to my grandmother.
My mother not so much…But I do get angry at her often

HSR: 12:54am
Perhaps your anger at your mother is a form of communication, that feeling.
Do you think it is yours, or something that you share?
It’s wonderful that your grandmother is with you.

Jasmine: 12:55am
I think we share it

HSR: 12:55am
Do you wonder if her guidance is a part of what is missing for you?

Jasmine: 12:55am
My grandmother? Or Mother?
My mother no…..She, she did not provide much guidance for me.

HSR: 12:56am
Well, I was referring to your grandmother… but now that you mention it, perhaps I meant your mother too

Jasmine: 12:57am
Yes I do miss my grandmother’s guidance

HSR: 12:57am
It’s worth a shot, to personify them both; instead of missing your grandmother, simply talking to her, knowing that she is there, for real…

Jasmine: 12:58am
yes it is much worth a try
You know, Saturn in Scorpio totally resonates with me
Darkness, death, shedding, penetrate, re-born

HSR: 1:01am
In Scorpio, the golden term is Transformation

Jasmine: 1:07am
Yes, it is a term that personifies my experiences.  The questions that we ask of ourselves when our Saturn is in Scorpio
definitely take me place. Places deeply into myself.
For example,
When I was 19 I was a stripper for a year. I was obsessed with being able to control another with my body.

HSR: 1:08am
And you are in the middle of it, your Saturn, so you may have a ways to go before the questions are answered/resolved, if you understand what that could even look like.
What next? How do you envision a future for yourself? What are your hopes for you?

Jasmine: 1:10am
Well I plan to relocate first and foremost

HSR: 1:10am
Where will you go?
Besides deeper in yourself?

Jasmine: 1:10am
I am thinking of the East
I plan to visit Philly for my bday to get a feel
I want to change careers
I want to start writing again

HSR: 1:11am
I never asked, about your masculine/feminine war
before we end, can you tell me about that?

Jasmine: 1:12am
I was sexually molested by my mother once
She was totally male in that moment.
As I grew up, I became very male with my body and how I wanted to control others with it

HSR: 1:13am
Have you forgiven her for that?

Jasmine: 1:13am
Honestly, no, I haven’t.

HSR: 1:13am
I know you haven’t
Do you intend to?

Jasmine: 1:13am

HSR: 1:14am
The time may be near.

Jasmine: 1:14am
I need to

HSR: 1:14am
It may be more powerful than you realize when you do, a freeing…

Jasmine: 1:14am
Yes, The power of forgiveness.

HSR: 1:14am
Love may replace the fear

Jasmine: 1:14am
I have lot to do with that
a long list
Yes Love…There is love in me.

HSR: 1:15am
Of course there is love in you.
You are a manifestation of Love!

Does that experience make you not want to embrace your masculinity?
Or does it complicate your empowerment of masculinity?

Jasmine: 1:16am
I actually enjoy my masculinity.
The issue is in allowing both the masculine and feminine to share the same space
Or not feeling like I have to be one of the other.

HSR: 1:16am
I understand that more than you know…

Jasmine: 1:17am

HSR: 1:17am
My profile pic is an example of a me that is hidden most times, but always present
Still, my femme/feminine is so true

Jasmine: 1:18am
Yes. Actually that was the picture that intrigued me
There is such mystery

HSR: 1:18am
It’s a birthright that I have, to always embody all of myself.

Jasmine: 1:18am

HSR: 1:18am
It was a candid shot, believe it or not
but back to you

Jasmine: 1:18am
I believe it…Yes

HSR: 1:19am
Your story is so interesting, your journey so full!

Jasmine: 1:19am
Yes very full

HSR: 1:19am
Is there anything else that you’d like to share with the world of Saturnistas?

Jasmine: 1:19am
This is such a sacred, yet uncomfortable journey, but the time is now….no turning back

HSR: 1:21am
I like your sense of urgency!

Jasmine: 1:21am
Yes, I feel like I am spiritually pregnant and If I don’t give birth…It will kill me

HSR: 1:22am
I feel that way about my spirituality and my future child
you are right; it will kill you.
And we have no choice but to live

Jasmine: 1:22am

HSR: 1:23am
So, unless there is anything else. Then I must say congratulations, you’ve completed your Saturn return interview.

Jasmine: 1:23am
Thank you
This was very liberating for me

HSR: 1:23am
no no
Thank you.
This was perfect
why I do this.
I needed to hear your story.

Jasmine: 1:23am

HSR: 1:24am
Because it helps me to get through the moments, when I feel isolated, and subsumed by my own experience,
I’ve been on a roller coaster, or more like a spinning wheel, running extremely fast.
Getting to the same place.

Jasmine: 1:24am
You are very much so supported.

HSR: 1:24am
Thank you Jasmine.
It is wonderful to hear about women who meditate.
who are in tears over their own abilities to get through the hardest time they’ve ever known.

Jasmine: 1:25am
yes, I fit my life around meditation

HSR: 1:31am
Wait… What is your grandmother’s name?

Jasmine: 1:31am
Her name is Mildred.

HSR: 1:31am
Okay, thank you,
Jasmine Rae Powers, granddaughter of Mildred Powers

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8 Responses to Spirit Interview 13 -Jasmine Rae Powers

  1. This pieces was a great start to my day before having to leave to comfort of my sheets and venture out into the snow. Your birthday gift to yourself was also a gift to your supporters.

    I can’t wait to read your next entry.

    love you always, Andy

  2. Jasmine Powers says:


    Thank you for your feedback. Being the interviewee, I was definitely a gift to myself as well. May we all continue to be gifts of support to each other.

  3. Tecoyia Scott Littleton says:

    This was an amazingly powerful interview. Thank you for blessing me with some healing this morning. Jasmine, don’t fret over any type of transition. Trust yourself always!

  4. Jasmine Powers says:


    This was a very powerful experience. Vulnerability can such a trans formative tool. Thank you so much for your support. It is not taken lightly!

  5. Rollawnd Stanton says:

    I was searching for my friend and I by a spiritual grace ran across the most beautiful, candid, inspiring interview. Jasmine is my friend that I had lost touch with over the pass couple of years. I am seeking reconnection. My name is Rollawnd 3138782814

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