Here’s To 29! -A soft, single-tip-toe.

My birthday was yesterday.

I’m one year away from hitting the cusp of my Saturn.  Meaning, I’m right smack in the center of it all.  Yesterday, I stayed in for my birthday.  I recalled the years past, the other Birthdays where I had a cake for my 28th, complete with a saturn and solar system that my at the time lover mistakenly toppled over.

My 2011 Saturn Cake when turning 28 years.

She was so cute in her apology.  Or the year prior where, I had an uptown lover who gave me a card with her face on it, then we had dinner.  Fish and wine.  After breakfast the next morning she bought me a jacket.  I remember her, not myself so much though.  Was I in love?

This year and the one prior, all felt like a roller coaster.   One thing’s for sure, this year, I started off 29 single, in solitude.  It was the best decision I ever made.  Friends were a phone call or a room away if I needed them, but I did okay.  In fact, I wish it went on forever.

I brought in this year in a calm.  A soft single tip toe.  The sound of my fingers hitting computer keys, writing.


The solitude of my home. Perfect.

I started the day with another Saturn interview.  A woman, black, lesbian, 30, spent the last two years moving around, state to state, and coming out.  Her Saturn in Libra.  Her mother and love life, merged into question.  It was a great way to start my 29th year, receiving the story of another Saturnista.  You’ll hear about her interview once its up.

2012 is a writing year.  I started 2011 saying the same thing.  As soon as I was prepared to write, not work, just write, I started this blog, then, got a “dream job” as an Archivist.  Couldn’t say no, could I?  Well, I didn’t.  And it’s a good thing too.  The two part time gigs that I had, I subsequently became downsized in.  Now I work 3.5 hours a week at the public library, which essentially covers my monthly metrocard, and the internet bill (not complaining).  And my position at the Queer organization dwindled into lack of funding… they need to raise $75k in the next two weeks, or fold.  I’m glad I left when I did.  The point is, had 2011 been my writing year, I wouldn’t have survived on those two part time gigs alone.

Now, I leave the Archivist job in two weeks.  Starting February 1st, I’m a full-time writer, paid a very modest salary.  As the sole employee that I supervise, accounting should be moderate, less meetings.  I’ve already landed a couple of paid assignments.  And since writing (instead of money) is my deliverable, I still have an awesome adjunct faculty position at an academic library which pays in 12 hours a week more than I was making as an Archivist full-time (crazy, eh?!).

And so it begins.  Although it’s early, it’s a holiday, yes?  MLK, Joan of Arc, Sister Carol, and me -birthdays of January 15th, ready to start a new year of creation.  So, hold your glass of Brunch-Mimosa, or tea or coffee in the air,

To 29.
To meeting Saturn face-to-face.
To 2012.
To a Writing Year!

Where to begin?
Her Saturn Returns the Collection, is my core project.  Editing requires more editing and then when you think you are done, an edit is required.  I’m also working on a fiction piece.  Currently a collection of short stories, one of which, I’d like to morph into a novel (maybe novella).  Regardless of what its end result, the writing of it i where I find myself.  My true calling is in a room of my own, writing, telling our stories.

What does your Saturn look like?
Tell me.  I have an interview scheduled this week, and am editing four so far (one as a video).
Become a Saturnista and share your story!


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