A Night to Speak of… Happy New Year!

There were nine of us.

We started with a writing workshop, then at midnight, Jaz lit five candles in a circle, saged the space, then we encircled the candles and prayed. Each of us, out loud spoke from a place in the center of our core.  My prayer was acknowledgement of spiritual connection.   Tears were shed (of course).  Afterward, we all painted and drew, creating mini canvases.  A friend of mine in town from London, by way of Singapore drew a picture of me holding a beverage.  I made it my screensaver for my phone for this New Year.

Jay Bernard's drawing of me, now in my iPhone for 2012.

It was truly my most magical New Years, and I believe it was right.

In the morning, there were seven of us left, we made a  huge breakfast, HUGE, and talked and talked until the sun descended.

By the end of the week, Rivers of Honey was an awesome experience of sexiness, full house, jam packed lesbians, and a couple of non-lesbians too.  The DJ played music til midnight, and we danced until we walked to the Blue Note and watched Imani Uzuri.

All things were perfect into the next day.  The Brooklyn Museum had Queer Night, and if I could picture life in movement and images, and bodies and love, I will always picture this night.  It was a week ago, and still, it was the best night I had, all year.  Here’s my voice, rendered, from the evening of magic, when community had arms flailing in the air, when celebration was a noun for us, and we stared at black bodies voguing, relationships cementing, wonderful, wonderful spirits, finding our central space together.

Happy New Year Everyone.
2012 is and will be.

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