Spirit Interview 9 -Chiedza Pasipanodya


Visual Artist for Her Saturn Returns Chiedza Pasipanodya

Chiedza and I first met in Toronto last summer, at a queer woman of color performance art showcase.  I was immediately captivated by the amount of space she held simply by making eye contact, saying hello, and offering a moment of conversation.  One cannot write the complexity of her calm.  She creates art.  She has blessed the Her Saturn Returns Collection with amazing images on sex, and death, and the complicated nature of agency, which is what I like to call, “other people’s money“.

Thank you Chiedza for being a contributor without words, but with the power of presence.

Chiedza Pasipanodya
Toronto, Canada
Saturn: Sagittarius

HSR:  Hi Chiedza, tell me about your reason for joining the collection.

Chiedza: I heard about the idea of the collection and as a writer and artist I was intrigued.  I was interested in being part of a collective of women who are creative and passionate, and the topics sex death and others people money, were brilliant!

HSR: Thank you for that, (blushing)

But what about your images makes you feel drawn to such a topic?

Chiedza: The images I created were about gender politics, strong women, and sex as it relates to spaces.  I found in the sense of sex as it relates to me, it often involves politics, whether in regards to gender, power or attraction and I want to express this in my pieces by contrasting imagery of organic, feminine imagery with strong, defined more masculine imagery.  I was really drawn by the mystery and the intensity of sex and death in the human life and the power that holds.

Mystery and Sex Spaces, Mixed Media Photo courtesy of Chiedza Pasipanodya

HSR: Your collage format is true to your vision indeed! But, Chiedza, tell us about you!

Chiedza: My images have a duality that is present in my being and expressed through my sexuality as well as my medium.

Hmm, about me? (laughs).  I am queer African woman living in Toronto.  I have had the honor of living all over Canada and have been able to explore myself and the many faucets of me.  Where that leaves me now is I know myself as creator, an artist, a lover, a student as well as a leader in a sacred mentorship program that has roots in african spirituality called Sacred Womens Centres International.

HSR: And what about your Saturn?

Chiedza: My saturn is in Sagittarius so what this affirms are my preexisting values, ideals and concepts surrounding my work as an artist. Basically with my Saturn in Sagittarius, my return will be one of choices. It will be one of choosing my inner passions over my external pressures. Its not for a few years.

me: Oh, you are so YOUNG!  I didn’t realize!

Chiedza: I get that a lot.

HSR: So, since your saturn won’t return for a while, is there anything that you are anticipating before turning Thirty?  What are your grand plans?

Chiedza: I am anticipating more living, laughing and loving. I would love to have built a house somewhere in nature, and have a few art shows a year and be near the ones I love. Comfort and God and continuing to shine my light as I do now; those are my grand plans.

HSR: Well, I hope you get all of those things!  Thank you Chiedza for being a part of this journey with me.  I’m so glad that I met you!

Chiedza: Its been a great honor! Ase !

HSR: Is there anything that you would like to say or add to the women out there who are in love with your images and your photos and your words?

Chiedza: I am so honored to serve and share my work.  I have a page where I do most my writing www.chiedzapasipanodya.blogspot.com.

Thank you Shawn!

HSR: Thank you too!  Enjoy your day.

Chiedza: love and light*

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