Spirit Interview #6 -Olivia Ford

Olivia Ford
Hometown: New York City
DOB: 31 years old
Saturn Sign: Virgo
Sun Sign: Capricorn

Olivia and I were in a writing group together.  That’s where we met.  This was three years ago, in 2008, long before my Saturn, and likely when she was in the center of hers.  We’ve just reconnected, and have begun to write together again.  Her words are magick.  Still, I itch to create the images that she conjures in a single free-write.  I strive to allow for the gift that she has in finding resolution to her own processes.  Whether it be crafting a sentence, telling a story, or regarding an experience as her own feathers kur-fuf-fling.

Olivia’s Saturn experience reminded me of watching water boil, traveling, moving, trying something new, envisioning ones beauty, finding the truth.

Thank you Olivia for offering me this interview.  On her couch, we talked and wrote for hours, we recorded for more than five minutes.  After an Olivia-worthy edit, here’s what I have to share:

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5 Responses to Spirit Interview #6 -Olivia Ford

  1. Monica A Hand says:

    I like the way the images kept cycling back…loved the boiling water which became a wonderful metaphor for the anxiousness and expectancy of the speaker.

  2. Tara says:

    Yes, the cycling images were notable and sensual. I was struck by how there was no visual of the speakers. I felt the experience of this engaged transformation.

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