Spirit Interview 3 -Fabiola Romero

Fabiola Romero

Fabiola, Poet

Saturn Returns in Scorpio
Sun Sign:              Gemini
Age:                       27 on June 9th 2011
Birthplace:           Michoacán, Mexico
Local City:            Olympia, Washington

Hey Fabiola, are you excited for your Saturn to return in Scorpio?

I am very much a Gemini.  Although my Saturn return will be in Scorpio in the next year or so, I wonder if I am experiencing this now.  Haha.  I feel that my life has taken a sharp turn in the last year or so, and I am questioning everything in my life right now.

Everything, huh, well, let’s start with the basics?!  What do you do for a living, either to make money, or to follow your passion?  Is there any overlap?

I am a full-time student at Evergreen State College.  I am going to school to become a high school counselor and poet/performance artist.  I am living off of financial aid temporarily, but recently left a 4 year job at a Cooperative grocery store.  I perform/share poetry regularly and consider that part of making my living although I rarely get financial compensation it feeds my passion and fuels my dreams.

I like the idea of “dreams” as “passion.”  What made you decide to contribute to the Her Saturn Returns collection?

I was honored to be asked to be part of the collection because it gave me a chance to meet more fierce people of color artists.  I create best around communities of color, especially queer womyn of color spaces.  Also the artists in the collection are so talented, I definitely feel inspired by reading their work.

Do you feel that approaching 30 will create any specific life changes?

I look forward to the transformation in my life.  As an emigrant I have learned to survive by adapting, and in the past few years this comfort with chaos and the unknown has comforted me.  I have faith that when I am 30 I will be closer to the person I want to become, will be softer around the edges, and more seasoned in my art.  I feel that the years before I turn 30 will be emotionally transformative and healing.

I noticed that a portion of your work included a lot of talk about community, how does community play a role in your transformative self?

I was born into community in Mexico and have always found myself migrating to groups of people with common experience or struggle.  Growing up in white suburbia, I felt isolated as one of a handful of brown kids in school.  I didn’t have an example of another Latina that like me, so I stayed quiet about my writing for most of my life. I began writing poetry at the same time that I learned English, when I was eight years old, I did not share my poetry with anyone until I met another Queer Latina poet at the age of 23.  I felt a sense of relief with sharing poetry with womyn who understood my stories.  It was this space that fostered my growth as a writer and has since pushed me to follow my dreams.  I feel fiercely connected to people of color spaces, and committed to continuing to work within these communities to dismantle my own internalized racism and build bridges among people of color from different backgrounds.  I firmly believe that community is healing.

Yes, community IS healing.  I like that.  But aside from the esoteric, how does being a queer woman of color affect your relationship to sex? Death? or Other People’s Money?

This is a good question.  I wonder how it doesn’t affect everything in my life.  Growing up as a queer womyn of color, in a traditional Catholic and Mexican home, taught me many survival skills that I still use today.  One of those is the power of being aware of other people’s reaction to my presence.  I pass in certain spaces since I am feminine but operate with caution when it comes to change/loss/death.  As for money and sex, I would say that I am “thoughtfully impulsive.”  I feel that I have been deprived of expressing myself at a queer Chicana for most of my life so I live in abundance about money and sex.  If I want someone I go for it. Other peoples money, well I try not to waste people’s time or energy.

Thanks Fabiola!  Sounds like you are well prepared for the next step of life changes.  What would you like to say to women out there who are currently experiencing their Saturn’s return?

I would say get close to people, get close to people who you can turn to. Change isn’t easy for anyone and it will come in a storm.

Thank you for participating, please add anything here that you may have left out, but would like to include.

I am excited for the book!


Thanks Fabiola, for your words.   You can learn more about Fabiola on her HSR page, where you’ll also get to read excerpts from her poetry.


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