Call for Queer Women of Color 26+ Years

Spirit Interviews Needed from Queer Women of Color 26+ years

Please Respond by March 1st, 2011

Spread far and wide!!! Spread far and wide!!!

I am currently creating a calendar for upcoming Spirit Interviews with women who are approaching 30, or who have already experienced this life-change. There are only 36 slots left for the 2011 year.

Please be a part of this first year of Spirit Interviews! I’d like to know how your path was rocky, how you are currently facing hurdles, in career, relationship, love, family, health, spirituality, sexuality, body, etc. and how you overcame these hurdles.

WHO? Anyone:

  • 26 and older,
  • identifies as either a queer woman of color, lesbian of color, or bisexual woman of color in the queer community or LBT community.
  • has a story to tell about turning 30, is approaching 30 and can encapsulate the story under the heading of SEX, DEATH, or OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY -loosely defined
  • knowledge of Saturn is not required.

Examples of A Story to Tell: I’m particularly interested in women who

  • have experienced spiritual transformations,
  • have been initiated into a society,
  • have drastically transformed from one way of being to another,
  • have given birth,
  • are masculine women who have reconciled their gender with family and the world,
  • are femme women who came out as FTF (female to femme, check it),
  • have entered the kink community during their 30s transition and identify this way,
  • are musicians whose music has changed upon age,
  • have experienced a traumatic death during this transitional period,
  • have a mother and have a lot to say about her,
  • have stories that are so beyond my scope of thought that you should just contact me anyway!

Interviews will be posted every week, and include a photo, and a one page Q&A. (I am already good on interviews from now until the end of April, but the order isn’t set yet, so yours could be next!) Interviews take place online, via a chat system, g-chat, facebook chat, or any other chat mechanism that we both have access to. Each interview participant will need to include at least one photo, preferably a head shot. If you are local to NYC, we can arrange for an audio or audio-visual interview which will be incorporated into the same format, and edited down to about 5-7mins long.


Here’s an example of two interviews: If you are interested, and for more information, please complete this form:

I look forward to hearing from you!

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2 Responses to Call for Queer Women of Color 26+ Years

  1. Mimi says:

    Random question. Why do you have a requirement for people to have entered the kink community during their thirties, as opposed to other ages. Do you just mean entering kink around the time of your Saturn return?

    • Yup. That’s exactly what I mean. So, not exactly during the 30s as much as during the transition toward 30… The age range is loose; something like after 26 and before 32 would count towards the initial Saturn return. I’m interested in exploring the transitional changes at this particular juncture. Of course, the Saturn returns every 27 years, so, women who are 57 – 60 are welcome to discuss these transitions as well; that would actually be amazing if I could capture that story here. I will consider altering the language to reflect this, or submit an alternate call altogether. Thanks for the feedback Mimi!

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