Spirit Interview 1-Arianne

Arianne Benford

Saturn Returns in Libra
Age:                        29
Birthplace:           Winfield, IL
Local City:            Brooklyn


HSR:          Hi Arianne

Arianne:    hey

HSR:          How do you feel about being a part of the collection, Her Saturn Returns?

Arianne:    Its a good project to be a part of.  A lot of times I have to create the context for my work, establish how it relates to what is around it and what has come before.  With this project, a context is already there.  That left me more time to play with the poems and tune them.

HSR:         So, then, you felt as if the subject was relevant to your work, or your life?

Arianne:    I’m turning 30 this year, so yes.

HSR:         Oh yes, when is your birthday?

Arianne:   You never remember/ 03.26.1981

HSR:         Haha, I needed to know for the people!  And that means that your Saturn returns in Libra, is that true?

Arianne:     I’m not sure.

HSR:          Okay, well, you have to put your info into this chart. I assumed it was Libra, because of your year of birth, but it actually also depends on your location. Since you were born in Chicago (presumably), it’s possible that your saturn is in another sign altogether
It takes five mins:  http://alabe.com/freechart/

Arianne:    I was actually born in Winfield, Il. but 5 days later I was in Chicago.

HSR:         Perfect, put that into the chart.  Do you know your time of birth too?  That makes it even more accurate.

Arianne:     2:30pm.

HSR:         Awesome!

Arianne:    During a soap opera…

HSR:         (laughs) okay.

Arianne:     Here’s what the chart says about me:
Saturn is in 06 Degrees Libra.
Although you take quite a while to make decisions, you usually consider all sides to a question, all the pros and cons, and the solution you come up with is very often the correct one. You tend to be very reserved and shy, but, once you make a commitment to someone (in either a business or personal relationship), the partnership is forever. You have a strong sense of justice and fair play and greatly respect the laws and institutions by which you are governed. As such, you are outraged when others break laws or show contempt for authority.

HSR:          Wow!

Arianne:     I don’t know about that last bit.

HSR:           It’s you, in a nutshell.

Arianne:     Yeah. Ok.  I still don’t about that last bit.  Ok so I’m generally loyal.

HSR:          Okay, yes you are!  Well, I’m curious since your Saturn is in libra, how you feel placing your work in the context of sex, death, and other people’s money… do you feel like this Scorpion take on Saturn properly represents your experience turning 30?

Arianne:     Turning 30 is housecleaning.  And not always the kicking ass and taking names bit, sometimes its scrubbing your own skin raw, again and again until either you learn the lesson or develop a really great defense mechanism.

HSR:          That sounds like the poem that you submitted, … “at best I am an actor…

Arianne:    Yeah, I wrote that near 27.

HSR:          Interesting, at the beginning of your Saturn.

Arianne:     Its a harsh look at myself.  I was sitting in a cafe in Chelsea. Starbucks I think.  Whatchin all these folks with money and dogs dressed better than me come in and out.

HSR:           And so, are you there now?  Not in the cafe, but in the same place?

Arianne:     Naw. No where near.  That’s a purge piece i guess.

HSR:           How are you now? Is there a pot of gold at the end of this sticky rainbow?

Arianne:     Pot of gold.  Hmmmmm.  I feel good. I feel god(dess).  I am consciously moving to create the reality that brings me the most joy. I am still hella insecure about stupid stuff, but its journey.

HSR:          Any advice for women going through their Saturn, or experiencing their Saturn?

Arianne:     Umm advice…. Realize that’s its a lot like puberty, except you actually have total control over your life.  You can press the reset button.

HSR:          And so, do you feel like you are starting over?

Arianne:     Uh yeah and no. Same game, i get to keep all the knowledge I’ve gained and this time I get to choose how I play it. But another piece of advice is to be good to yourself and if you have a mama or older figure, talk to her.

HSR:          Yes, everyone who submitted sent a poem or two about their grandmothers or ancestral women figures. Can you a bit about “Velva” the poem? Why did you feel it necessary to include this in the collection?

Arianne:     Cause her passing made me see death different.

HSR:          How did you see it before? How do you see it now?

Arianne:     That’s hard to say, before, it was in relation to time passing, growing up, letting go.  Death was a visitor, a transient that came and went,  and now death has its own room. Its a knowledge, like once you know it like, you carry it with you, always.

HSR:          Yes, and she is with you always.

Arianne:     [silence]

HSR:        I actually wanted to open this conversation by inviting the ancestors in, our ancestors, and saying thank you to her/them, and then close it out, thanking her/them for allowing us to breathe.  I will be sure to do this within every other conversation circle, do you have anything else that you’d like to add?  You are the first!

Arianne:   Yup. 3 things.

HSR:         Okay.

Arianne:     1) Friend me on facebook if you want to hear me read.
2) I’m writing a book. Look out for it.
3) I forgot 3.

HSR:          Well it’s cute that you listed anyways.

Arianne:     Okay.  Cool. Well Shawn, make me look good.

HSR:         Thank you for talking with me, that won’t be too hard!  And thank you to our ancestors for granting us the first 30 years.

Arianne:     Yes.

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