Today, I woke up a couple of weeks into my 28th year and realized that already the prophecy has been fulfilled in reference to what I’ve read about my Saturn.

I’d like to share with you my experiences, but firstly want to share with you the definitions of Saturn, his return and what it is you ought to expect as one experiencing his (evil) grace.

Yes, Saturn is an evil bad man, a very very (very) bad planet. But, let’s be honest with each other, shall we, if only for a moment, and indulge in the truth for how evil may ignite a fire in us that has been dormant for too long. Not all bad is bad. A sprinkle of evil may be the spice for this bland recipe afterall.

Saturn shares with us that part of ourselves that offers balance. He rattles our inner snake, and we embody the poisonous venom onto the world, we cannot help it, he has arrived.

The key is to see it coming, to know the malleability of your own personal venom. Depending on where Saturn was located on the day and location of your birth chart (was Saturn in Scorpio? Libra? Pisces?), his location will color your venom. Is it a coarse blood red? A weak pale blue? The co-dependent color of sap? -you get my drift.

To find out where Saturn was when you were born, I recommend using this handy website which allows for a free reading of your entire chart.
I’ve cut and pasted mine in my email to keep forever. They ask for money for a more detailed reading, I you can afford it, let me know what it looks like, I’m curious.

Well, my Saturnistas, have fun exploring where he lurks inside of you.  Afterwards, we can consider tell you what to expect for your Saturn.


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