In The Beginning

Hello community,

The party is actually not where it began, but it was the catalyst to get the blog started.  There is actually an entire world around the idea of my exploring my Saturn’s Return.

There will be plenty of story about the when, the how, and the why, but first,  I’d like to offer a timely published love letter to the Rivers of Honey Community that was sent on facebook.  We had a Float Party, and I was lucky enough to have my birthday play a role in the process of celebration.

Here’s the letter.
I’ve already received two responses from women in their Saturn! Hot Damn!
I’m going to leave this blog space to get an interview from them.


Shawn Smith January 23, 2011 at 12:32pm
Subject: It’s been a week! -A Love Letter from Shawn to the Rivers Community Dear lovers,

It’s been a week since the Her Saturn’s Return Float Party. And I wanted to make note of a few things:

1) Thank you all who came out. It was an intimate gathering, clothing optional, ;)filled with inspiring music and poetry.
Kita P, and Steph, your guitar skills were off the chain. Arianne, your lyricism is deadly! Celia, thank you for your advice. Natalie, thank you for offering your space, and the burning that branded the memory! Meadow, thank you for the creamy cake. Lorraine and Jaz, thanks for the drag king performance, HOT!
Jaz, thank you for putting it all together with a team of wonder -Tuck, Candice, Esther, and everyone else who is fabulous!

2) Thank you all who want to support the Rivers Float for this coming Pride. There will be other FLOAT parties to come, and a link to donate if you cannot make the fun. Stay Tuned!

3) We are seeking more ways to raise funds. If you are having a get together, pass a hat around. If you have a college club and need a non-profit to donate proceeds to, don’t forget the lesbian and queer of color community, and our spaces, we need your continued support. Contact us at, place “FLOAT Fundraising” in the subject line if you have ANY questions.

Lastly, 4)It’s been a week since I’ve turned 28, and already, I’ve transformed. I’ve joined a Cave writing workshop, I’ve had two Archivist interviews, I’ve spoken to my mother (twice) and we laughed together, I’ve learned what it means to be/have a girlfriend, and I’ve decided to start a blog to hear other women’s stories.
Stay tuned for the Her Saturn Returns blog where I’ll feature interviews of queer folks of color who are between the ages of 26 and 31, thereby, experiencing their Saturn’s Return.
You can always contact me at if you are interested in an interview.

Okay, my personal birthday business on the Rivers of Honey front ends here.

Thank you community!

Love & xo,-Shawn, your Lesbian Librarian

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