Excerpt of Saturnistas – ACT ONE

I realized that there was not an actual available, online, readable, openly accessible version of Saturnistas also known as Her Saturn Returns – The Play! online.

Click the image below. Here it is! Enjoy!

Cheese on the Table


Learn more about Her Saturn Returns The Play here.

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An End of an Era – MichFest’s Last Year

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Remember when you could have a GO! Magazine on your table and not get chastised? Well, this past weekend, at the LGBT Rainbow Book Fair, I’m tabling for Lambey Press, and up walks a blonde author, finding me, the one … Continue reading

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Call For Submissions: Gender, Sexuality & Decolonization

Originally posted on Unsettling America:
Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society invites submissions from scholars, artists, and activists for a new special issue of the journal exploring gender, sexuality and decolonization, guest edited by Karyn Recollet (University of Toronto), in conjunction…

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New Year of Spirit Writing

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Spirit Writing There are stories waiting to be told inside of voices inside of spirits that haunt me. As a child, when I heard them, I would shudder. In waking life, they would speak to me in whispers and sometimes … Continue reading

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Do It Yourself – Fiction | Story-telling | Memoir

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Is my memoir fiction? Aside from this being labeled as the question I most ask myself on my okCupid profile, it is what I grapple with as I begin my thesis year. I come back to HSR interviews and lessons … Continue reading

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Spirit Interview 16 – Farhaana Washington

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As the full moon approaches, feel the wind invade the strands of your hair, working its way to your scalp, massaging. The earth from all corners is touching your skin with the tussle of the wind. I am there with … Continue reading

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Losing Yourself

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Here’s to the women entering their Saturn. The women who have found that there is a tunnel, and that they are in it. The women immersed. To the women who have only just begun. Yesterday, I received an email from … Continue reading

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Journey’s End – A New Beginning

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Happy New year all, I wonder how long it is supposed to be before you stop saying that? Well, January isn’t over, so, while the weather is still frozen, I’d like to pause for a moment of silence to reflect … Continue reading

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Her Saturn Returns – The Play!

Turkey, and gobble.
The last time I wrote about a cooked bird was in March when my grandmother’s altar was her stove.  And now, I’m stuffing myself with more of it as I contemplate the exciting reality that I’m writing a play!

Can it be believed that I am actually writing a play?

AlternativeRealitiesFlyerWell, okay, the play is already written, and some of it will be “read” on Saturday, December 14th in the little black box theater in the lower east side that I’ve known to call home.

It’s relevant here because the play is called: Her Saturn Returns – The Play and it is about not only my journey turning 30, but my journey documenting the tumultuous times of the lives of the queer women of color that I’ve met throughout the past four years while undertaking this project.

It’s very exciting and more updates to come.
What does one wear to their first staged reading?

Not sure.

Fortunately, I’ll be sharing the stage with Zahra Patterson and Erica Cardwell, two black lesbian friends and writers (both of whom are happenstantially some how connected to the Her Saturn Returns project), and will be having staged readings all of their own.
We will read one Act each from each of our pieces.
We’re still seeking actors, and so, if you are a queer woman of color (or not, but just an awesome actor), then let me know, and perhaps you can read for a role or two or three.

More soon.


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Journal-Travel-Place – OM to Michigan

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True to H(e)ART: 40 Years of Writing and Art from the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, has a call for submissions on experiences at Michigan.  Alongside that call are women asking me throughout the week – “how is your return?” And … Continue reading

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