Journey’s End – A New Beginning

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Happy New year all, I wonder how long it is supposed to be before you stop saying that? Well, January isn’t over, so, while the weather is still frozen, I’d like to pause for a moment of silence to reflect … Continue reading

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Her Saturn Returns – The Play!

Turkey, and gobble.
The last time I wrote about a cooked bird was in March when my grandmother’s altar was her stove.  And now, I’m stuffing myself with more of it as I contemplate the exciting reality that I’m writing a play!

Can it be believed that I am actually writing a play?

AlternativeRealitiesFlyerWell, okay, the play is already written, and some of it will be “read” on Saturday, December 14th in the little black box theater in the lower east side that I’ve known to call home.

It’s relevant here because the play is called: Her Saturn Returns – The Play and it is about not only my journey turning 30, but my journey documenting the tumultuous times of the lives of the queer women of color that I’ve met throughout the past four years while undertaking this project.

It’s very exciting and more updates to come.
What does one wear to their first staged reading?

Not sure.

Fortunately, I’ll be sharing the stage with Zahra Patterson and Erica Cardwell, two black lesbian friends and writers (both of whom are happenstantially some how connected to the Her Saturn Returns project), and will be having staged readings all of their own.
We will read one Act each from each of our pieces.
We’re still seeking actors, and so, if you are a queer woman of color (or not, but just an awesome actor), then let me know, and perhaps you can read for a role or two or three.

More soon.


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Journal-Travel-Place – OM to Michigan

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True to H(e)ART: 40 Years of Writing and Art from the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, has a call for submissions on experiences at Michigan.  Alongside that call are women asking me throughout the week – “how is your return?” And … Continue reading

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The Boat – When Living your Dream

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This morning would have been a perfect morning for a Spirit interview.  I woke in the sunlight with the sound of the fan streaming at 6:45.  Wait, it’s Sunday, back to sleep! At 9:30, I woke to a grand stretch, … Continue reading

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Marriage: Some Intersections of Art & Archiving

Art and Archiving? The artform I choose is writing – a very controlled medium. With words I can dance, create music, and conjure worlds that I’ve never dreamed could exist unless I made it so. In sentence structure, I find … Continue reading

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To Breathe is to…

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Taking a breath is one of the first things necessary when moving through spaces.  A breath of acknowledgement, a breath of noticing feeling, and then, moving into the next breath with intention, and choice, is the definition of a moment. … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Home – Kimani Gray Organizing in my Bush

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My Brooklyn is a woman’s torso, whose limbs exhaustively reach to the outer boroughs, but whose heart will always beat the rhythms of Church Avenue. My Brooklyn is under attack. It is eating itself alive. It has a virus, and … Continue reading

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Thirty – Erosion – An Opened Portal

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During his inauguration, Obama mentions Stonewall, and gay rights, so I began to listen. He mentioned Dr. King’s proclamations, stating, “our individual freedom is inextricably bound to the freedom of every soul on Earth.” And in this talk of soul, … Continue reading

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New Color : Red

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The two people who matter already know. And so it has become real, the insemination, the smell of sperm inside of my panties when at work, the wondering if it took this month, the void that rests inside of me … Continue reading

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Sound-Voices-Words -Seeking Transcriber(s)

Hello Saturnistas,

I’ve been excitedly plowing through submissions to the anthology, and transcribing the audio of women from around the country who have participated in Spirit Interviews.  But now, their voices surround me, and I need to get them onto paper (faster) to complete the editing process.


Do you know anyone who has an amazing ear, a fast hand at typing, and a knack for deadlines? Likely she is unemployed, seeking fast cash, and has loads of time to sit in cafe’s and bring her own tea bags?  Please send this queer woman of color my way!

Below is the announcement:

Seeking queer women of color to transcribe 40-50 hours of personal interviews by self-identified queer women of color on their life transitions.  Transcriptions must be completed by Jan 15 2013.  Payment will be $17.5 per transcribed hour.  Please note, standard time for transcription is 4-5 hours per every hour transcribed.  No experience necessary. Accuracy and confidentiality is key.

All proposals will be considered. If interested, please email me at State why you are interested, how you identify, then I will send a sample audioclip for you to transcribe.  You will have two days to return the transcription (everyone receives the same clip, so don’t worry!).

Thank you, and I will take questions as well.

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